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Our Founding Story

We founded Oyama based on our personal experiences and challenges with accessing mental health care when we and our loved ones needed it  the most.

We believe psychotherapy is a resource that everyone should have in their pocket to understand themselves better and to help them cope with life's challenges.

Therefore, we’ve embarked on a journey to provide you with these evidence-based psychological tools.

Oyama means big mountain in Japanese, which guides us in many ways. We want everyone to be able to access evidence-based tools from psychology to be stable like a mountain throughout the storms of life.

Enabling individuals to become balanced humans.

A dedicated team building the future 

Team Oyama consists of the best kind of passionate, professional and positive people that all work to make mental well-being part of everyday lives. Our team consist of psychologists and mental health professionals, as well as tech, communication, marketing, legal, customer experience, and social media wizards.  

And we want you to join our mission.

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Niklas Zilliacus

Founder & CEO

Niklas is a serial entrepreneur and has founded two mental health tech startups. He is a pioneer in the digital mental health domain and passionate about commercialization of innovation.

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Sofia Lund

Co-founder, Board Member

Sofia is our true brand wizard and customer experience lover with an extensive track record of building successful and impactful brands, startups, businesses, cultures, experiences and teams.

"I have a special place in my heart for employee experience and removing the stigma of mental health and mental challenges. The mission of Oyama is both to remove this stigma and to innovate bringing accessible tools to everyone. The time is now!"

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Sergio Isidoro
Sérgio Isidoro

Co-founder & CTO

Sérgio is an experienced software engineer and a "generalist geek" as he would call himself.


He has strong interest in developing diverse and inclusive cultures and he has has a proven track-record of building tech for leading Finnish startups in fintech and health, such as Holvi and Kaiku Health.

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Max Ytterberg

Product Designer

Empathetic designer and product visionary with 15+ years of background in product design, entrepreneurship and service innovation.

"Oyama is an important step in normalizing mental well-being. Our job is to show both employees and employers how to learn and practice effective techniques that promote a healthy human."


Believe in this and want to contribute somehow to our mission? 

We are constantly looking for different kinds of professionals to work with us. Drop us a message or connect through LinkedIn. Let's talk!

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