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Balanced Minds.
Better Business.

Mental well-being is the key for a sustainable work-life balance. Oyama offers a completely new solution that combines the best of tech and psychology for instant impact. Now companies can provide the whole organization with instantly accessible tools leading to sustainable well-being and organizational stability.

Evidence-based self-development programs made easy and effective.
  • Goal-setting & personalization based on where you are today and what can help you achieve more balance in everyday life

  • Bite-sized exercises that motivate and inspire you to take the next step on the journey that process your thoughts and emotions.

  • Follow your progress to monitor the steps you've taken on your self-development journey.

  • A gamified well-being journey instantly accessible on your mobile

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Removing barriers to make mental well-being possible for the whole workforce.

Oyama is the leading CBT*-based mental health benefit that empowers your team with balanced minds. With one of the best user experiences in the industry, it offers your team access to evidence-based exercises for emotional regulation, communication, and psychological safety. Instantly accessible in your pocket.


Higher employee satisfaction through less anxiety and burnout, results in fewer sick days, more productive employees and more effective teamwork. And better functioning companies with balanced minds, empowering cultures, and satisfied people. 

*CBT = Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

We are here to bring mental well-being into everyday work-life. Available in every pocket - with only one download.

The impact you will create for your organization and employees
Improved Employee Experience

It's quite clear that a company doesn't exist without people. But for a company to be truly successful you need a group of talented, engaged and inspired employees to work together.


By offering your employees tools for taking care of their well-being you foster a culture of caring and empowerment and make sure that their everyday experience grows significantly. 

Higher Employee Retention

Mental health is today the biggest reason for sick-leaves, burnout, employees feeling unhappy and unmotivated at work. And losing valuable employees always takes a toll on your whole team and reaching goals.


By investing in tools that proactively impact the mental well-being of your employees you significantly increase the retention and secure the continuity of work.

Positive Employer Branding

It's not game consoles, ping pong tables and baristas that attract talent anymore. 

Above all, Gen Z and millennials want an employer who cares about their well-being. In fact, it was a top three issue for every generational cohort even pre-Covid.  

By proudly showing that you offer

tools for both physical and emotional health, and that you foster a culture where mental well-being is supported, your company will increase its chance to attract the best talents.

We are here to keep employees healthy, motivated and productive at work.

Mental well-being, or the lack of it, is today the leading reason for sick leave, burnout, leaving, and presenteeism. The facts speak for themselves – investing in mental health tools for the organization has an impressive ROI. 

Imagine if every employee would enjoy their work, focus on achieving their goals and focus on the greater purpose of your company. 

Foggy Lake

Hello you 

Mental well-being plays a big role in how we all experience our everyday lives. And we know that by doing easy exercises you can learn about yourself and how to tackle stress, emotions and daily challenges.  We made this easy by creating self-development programs you can use on your mobile in an easy and enjoyable way.


We are here to work on everyday mental well-being with you. Whenever you are up for it.

Does this sound like something you would like for you and your colleges at work? Let us know and we'll contact your People Ops / HR team. 

Thanks for sharing and contributing to our mission!

We are here to disrupt the mental health industry

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